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Get Ready To Pass The GED!

Get Ready To Pass The GED!

The Number 1 Reason People Fail The GED Is Math!

Don’t Be Like So Many That Fail The GED Because Of Weak Math Skills
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Welcome to the GED Math Lessons Premium Accelerator Course
Your Secret Weapon To Passing GED Math!

Has your current math skills and confidence been stopping you from getting your GED? Well, that was the past and your future can be having that critically important GED so you can earn great money in a career you want to work in. But, first you need to get serious and focused on passing the GED math section – that’s where this course is going to change your life! The goal of this course is not to just get you to pass the GED but for you to CRUSH the GED with an amazing math score! You see, if your mind set is that you only want to learn just enough math to get a minimum passing score on the GED, well – that’s the type of limited thinking that has been keeping your goals and dreams from becoming a reality. As you may know, the GED math section is challenging! You need to know a lot of Algebra and Geometry to pass – so, if you’re looking for a quick fix system to pass the math section of the GED exam it simply does not exist. I’m offering you an EXTREMELY POWERFUL math course that is specifically designed for getting you to EXCEL in high school level mathematics. Normally, everything in this course sells for more than $300 – however, I have priced this course at such a ridiculously low price because I WANT YOU TO Have No Reason Why You Can’t PASS THE GED! You Need To Make An Investment In Yourself To Move Forward In Life So Stop Making Excuses And Finally Earn That GED You Deserve!

What The Course Includes:

1. Amazing Full Video Lessons – Comprehensive And Easy To Understand Math Instruction Where Everything Is Explained Step by Step.

2. Practice Problems With Video Solutions – Each Problem is Explained In Detail So You Can Totally Understand How To Solve Problems On Your Own.

3. Detailed Study Notes- Printable Notes That Give You A Great Summary Of The Concepts Taught In Each Chapter - Perfect For Extra Study!

4. Comprehensive Chapter Quizzes – Get Used To Answering Math Questions In A Testing Environment While Tracking Your Math Progress.


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Your Instructor

John Zimmerman
John Zimmerman

Training and Certifications Make An Instructor, But Experience, Dedication And Character Builds Master Teachers.

Hi, my name is John Zimmerman. As a certified math teacher, I've successfully taught many young people in middle and high schools. Additionally, I’ve taught math for a prestigious online technical school. Helping students succeed is my passion and that’s why I love teaching math.

My idea for TabletClass began in my classroom while I was earning my Master of Science in Educational Technology. I wanted to leverage my technical knowledge of the internet and computer programming to create something special for my students. I started my effort to help students learn outside of class by making math videos and posting them on a website. I found that my web resource was working extremely well for my students in and out of school. I kept improving my web resource by using my student’s suggestions and feedback; I learned and refined a way to teach with videos that was very effective. I used my website in creative ways, like introducing new lessons online to those students who were ready to move forward, while at the same time focusing my attention on those students who were not. My students found the videos engaging and easy to understand, but more importantly I saw a dramatic increase in their abilities and skills—this was truly exciting! My classroom experiences gave way to the desire to build the ultimate online math program, so I decided to create TabletClass Math.

Since my days teaching in the classroom, I have formed a team of talented professionals to help me create and develop TabletClass. Our innovative online math learning system is perfect for all students learning middle and high school math. We provide everything a student needs to learn on their own. With our program, students can experience lessons just as if they were being taught by a great teacher in a class. With access to online instruction 24/7, students can study and learn in a relaxed environment and view the lessons as many times as they need. Lastly, I want to say that TabletClass is a proven system- it has been used by thousands of students all over the world, with great success. So I thank you for visiting our site, and I hope you will use TabletClass to take your math skills to a whole new level.

Message to Parents

It is with great enthusiasm that I welcome you to our site. As I'm sure you know, our society is becoming more and more dependent on technology, of which mathematics plays an integral role. I hope that I will be a part of your child's educational development by helping them acquire skills that will be valuable in any profession in the "real world." In my videos, I stress more than the pure mechanics of mathematical procedures. I place special emphasis on developing a student’s sense of math confidence, so they can face any complex problem and solve it with a logical approach. I tell my students that the effort one must apply to solve a complicated math problem, is the same effort one needs to overcome any difficult challenge. As a parent myself, I know that your child's education is a priority, and I've made it my priority to create the highest quality, enriched instructional videos that strive to make all students masters at math.

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