Tests / Keys / Final Exam / Grades

Once a membership is purchased you can register to gain access to the TabletClass Math Course Portal. Once registered, you the parent / teacher receive an access code where you, and not the student can login and print or download protected course documents.

Here are some of the great benefits you will find in the secure course portal:

  • Challenging chapter tests with detailed keys which makes grading tests much more precise and

effective than simple multiple-choice exams.

  • Course guidebook so you can have a complete written record of course work for your student portfolio.

  • ​Comprehensive final exam that checks the students understanding of all of the main topics taught in the course.

  • Pacing guidelines so you can adjust the pace to your student’s learning ability and design a calendar to finish the course in your desired time frame.

  • ​Specific student study recommendations that will increase your student(s) ability to retain information and apply skills to solve problems.

  • ​Easy to follow directions on how to calculate an accurate course grade.

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