1.5 Equations/Inequalities/Solutions

In this lesson you will learn the fundamentals of equations, inequalities and there respective solutions. Of course, equations and inequalities are everywhere in algebra so you want to grasp the "big picture" concepts of what equations and inequalities represent mathematically. Also, there are significant differences in the solutions between an equation and inequality. Lastly you will be introduced to verifying if a number is a "solution" to an equation or inequality- you will be asked to verify solutions a lot in algebra so pay close attention.


  1. Watch The Lesson Video First - Take Good Notes.
  2. Next, Scroll All The Way Down The Page To View The Practice Problems - Try Them On Your Own.
  3. Check The Solutions To The Practice Problems By Looking At The Answer Key At The End Of The Worksheet.
  4. However, YOU MUST Still Watch The Video Solutions To The Practice Problems; These Are The Videos Labeled EX A, EX B, etc. - They Are Located Next To The Lesson Video.
  5. After You Do All Of The Practice Problems - Complete The Section and Advance To The Next Topic.

Practice Problems:

1.5 PAlg1EquationsInequalitiesSolutionsPreview.pdf
Complete and Continue