How Long Do You Have To Study For The Exam?                             


This is entirely dependent on your current skill level and knowledge. Math skills, especially advance math skills, take years of education to learn and develop. Before you begin this course, you should have foundational knowledge of this material from your prior education because a lot of the course should be a review. However, if you’re needing to learn a lot of the material for the first time – it can take months to learn and master the topics. Again, every student is different and you don’t need to learn everything perfect to pass or score well enough on the exam to achieve your goal- so ultimately, how much time it will take to prepare for the exam is up to you. Nevertheless, it’s reasonable that most students should plan on multiple months of study to really be at the highest level of readiness to do well on the exam.


SAVE TIME / FAST TRACK (Determine Which Chapters You Can Skip)                  


Follow This Formula To Gauge Your Current Math Skill Level:

  1. Scan each chapter of the course
  2. Determine if you believe you know the chapter
  3. Take the chapter quiz for those chapters you believe you know (feel free to quickly review the chapter notes before taking the quiz)
  4. Use the scale below to determine the amount of review you should do for the chapter
  5. For those chapters you score high in you can do additional validation of your skill level by doing a few problems from each of the example set problems
  6. Unless you’re very sure that you know the material of a chapter – you should plan on a full or partial review


Your Chapter Quiz Score:

8 - 10 correct (SKIP)

You likely know this material well and can feel good about skipping if pressed for time. However, it’s always a good idea to review all material if you can. Additionally, it’s recommended that you do a few of the example set problems just to ensure you know the material as the quiz seems to indicate.

6 - 7 correct (QUICK REVIEW) 

You show knowledge in this chapter however your current skills are a little weak and you need to do some review to improve.

0 - 5 correct (FULL REVIEW)

You currently seem to know very little about this chapter; as such, you should learn everything in the chapter by completing all sections in order. 

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