8.3 Translations and Glide Reflections

In this lesson I will teach you about translations and glide reflections. Assuming you have watched the previous lessons in this chapter you know we are studying transformations. Recall a transformation is a mapping of a figure to another location. In the previous lessons we have looked at the transformations of reflections, rotations and dilations. Now, we will explore another type of transformation called a translation. Wow I know the words "transformation" and "translation" are very similar so make sure to not to confuse the two. Ok, what is a translation? Well, a translation is a simple transformation such that we move a figure up or down or side to side. A glide reflection is a transformation where we first do a translation- then a reflection. Confused? Don't stress the video will show this very clearly and I'm sure you will understand. As in the other lessons you want to have graph paper and a ruler to practice the concepts. How do you like geometry so far? If you have watched and understood all the lessons to this point in the course you have a lot to be proud of- great work!


  1. Watch The Lesson Video First - Take Good Notes.
  2. Next, Scroll All The Way Down The Page To View The Practice Problems - Try Them On Your Own.
  3. Check The Solutions To The Practice Problems By Looking At The Answer Key At The End Of The Worksheet.
  4. However, YOU MUST Still Watch The Video Solutions To The Practice Problems; These Are The Videos Labeled EX A, EX B, etc. - They Are Located Next To The Lesson Video.
  5. After You Did All Of The Practice Problems - Complete The Section and Advance To The Next Topic.

Practice Problems:

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