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Get Ready To Pass The New York Regents Algebra 1 Exam!

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Get Ready To Pass The New York Regents Algebra 1 Exam!

Don’t Take The Chance of Not Passing The New York Regents Algebra 1 Exam Because Of Weak Math Skills
The Tool You Need To Excel and Pass The New York Regents Algebra 1 Exam Is Right Here:

Welcome To The New York Regents Algebra 1 Math Prep Accelerator Course
Your Secret Weapon To Passing The New York Regents Algebra 1 Exam!

Has your confidence in your current math skills been stopping you from your next step in your education by passing the New York Regents Algebra 1 Exam? Are you sure you have the math skills to finish your Algebra 1 course and place into the next math course you desire? Don’t take a chance on not getting into the right level with your education due to weak math skills. Your future progress as a student can be great but, first you need to get serious and focused on passing the critically important New York Regents Algebra 1 Examthat’s where this course is going to change your life! The goal of this course is not only to get you to pass the New York Regents Algebra 1 Exam, but for you to CRUSH it with an amazing math score! Moreover, this course will seriously help you get a top grade in your Algebra 1 course- an excellent grade will certainly boost your high school GPA! You see, if your mindset is that you only want to learn just enough math to pass your Algebra 1 class and get a minimum passing score on the New York Regents Algebra 1 Exam, well – that’s the type of limited thinking that will keep your goals and dreams from becoming a reality. You might not think this exam can impact your future plans after high school - but your math skills will follow you well after you graduate high school! As you may know, the New York Regents Algebra 1 Exam is challenging! You really need to know a lot of advance high school level Algebra to excel and pass – so, if you’re looking for a quick fix way to pass the New York Regents Algebra 1 Exam it simply does not exist. I’m offering you an EXTREMELY POWERFUL math course that is specifically designed for getting you to EXCEL in high school level Algebra 1 – the type of knowledge and skills you will need to know for the New York Regents Algebra 1 Exam. Normally, everything in this course sells for more than $300 – however, I have priced this course at such a ridiculously low price because I WANT YOU TO Have No Reason Why You Can’t PASS THE New York Regents Algebra 1 Exam! You Need To Make An Investment In Yourself To Move Forward In Life - So Stop Making Excuses And Not Only Pass That New York Regents Algebra 1 Exam But Have The Tool That Can Help You Earn A Top Math Grade Because You Deserve To Go To The Right Level For Your Potential As A Student!

What The Course Includes:

1. Amazing Full Video Lessons – Comprehensive And Easy To Understand Math Instruction Where Everything Is Explained Step by Step.

2. Practice Problems With Video Solutions – Each Problem is Explained In Detail So You Can Totally Understand How To Solve Problems On Your Own.

3. Detailed Study Notes- Printable Notes That Give You A Great Summary Of The Concepts Taught In Each Chapter - Perfect For Extra Study!

4. Comprehensive Chapter Quizzes – Get Used To Answering Math Questions In A Testing Environment While Tracking Your Math Progress.


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Training and Certifications Make An Instructor, But Experience, Dedication And Character Builds Master Teachers.

Hi, my name is John Zimmerman, as a certified math teacher with a BA in Math and Master's in Educational Technology I want to welcome you to my online math course! I've successfully taught middle and high school math for many years. Additionally, I’ve taught math for a prestigious online technical school and been involved in independent math learning systems for over 10 years- teaching math to students all over the world. Helping students succeed is my passion and that’s why I love teaching math.

My idea for TabletClass began in my classroom while I was earning my Master of Science in Educational Technology. I wanted to leverage my technical knowledge of the internet and computer programming to create something special for my students. I started my effort to help students learn outside of class by making math videos and posting them on a website. I found that my web resource was working extremely well for my students in and out of school. I kept improving my web resource by using my students' suggestions and feedback; I learned and refined a way to teach with videos that was very effective. I used my website in creative ways, like introducing new lessons online to those students who were ready to move forward, while at the same time focusing my attention on those students who were not. My students found the videos engaging and easy to understand, but more importantly I saw a dramatic increase in their abilities and skills—this was truly exciting! My classroom experiences gave way to the desire to build the ultimate online math program, so I decided to create TabletClass Math.

Since my days teaching in the classroom, I have formed a team of talented professionals to help me create and develop TabletClass. Our innovative online math learning system is perfect for all students learning middle and high school math. We provide everything a student needs to learn on their own. With our program, students can experience lessons just as if they were being taught by a great teacher in a class. With access to online instruction 24/7, students can study and learn in a relaxed environment and view the lessons as many times as they need. Lastly, I want to say that TabletClass is a proven system- it has been used by thousands of students all over the world, with great success. So I thank you for visiting our site, and I hope you will use TabletClass to take your math skills to a whole new level.

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Reviews & Testimonials - Proven Track Record In Math Education Excellence !

“I just wanted to share our praises for your website. We are the "College By Twelve" family and fits in with our accelerated/child-led method of getting our kids into college by the age of twelve. My 10 year old has finished Algebra 1 and is waiting for the Algebra 2 course to start. On-line learning is the best way to teach kids who are self-motivated. We have had GREAT results in helping our 9 kids excel in Mathematics and TabletClass is exactly what we needed to make my workload as a mom easier. Blessings!”

-Mona Lisa Harding (author of The Brainy Bunch -

“We have tried many school curricula and TabletClass is our favorite one! It doesn't take a long time to do and my daughter is learning and retaining the information wonderfully! John really loves to teach and is able to break things down to a level that every student can follow. We have recommended TabletClass to all our friends, home schoolers or not. We just love it, it the best thing we could of done for our daughter!”


“Loving Tablet Class. As a mom, I don’t have to worry if I am teaching algebra correctly which means I can focus on my younger daughter while my son is being taught by John. Hands off for me! ”


“I just wanted to say how much I love TabletClass! I just started using it this year and it has been beyond helpful! I went through Algebra 1 & 2 and struggled because of poor explanations of methods and answers. I am now using TabletClass for geometry and everything is explained so well! I hardly ever have trouble with the example sets, but if I do I can just go to the video on the problem and see the answer explained very simply. Thank you so much for creating TabletClass! I have been recommending it to all of my friends for high school math and will continue to do so. :)”


“TabletClass has really been a great addition to our home school. As a Mom that is "math challenged" this program really takes the pressure off of me to be able to teach my daughter algebra. This program lends itself to independent study which is important as I have 7 children needing my attention during the day. My daughter has been able to go back and review the videos as many times as she needs to get the concept down and this has been another great aspect of TabletClass. John has been so very helpful and just an email away to answer any questions I have. I will be using this with all my children in the future.”

- Alisa S. (mom to 7 blessings in PA)

Hello John,

I am writing to thank you. During the Summer I took and passed all of my GED courses with the exception of the Math test. I found your math course online and listened and watched all of the videos, trying to educate myself utilizing the tools and tips that you provided. I have to admit, it was very overwhelming and at times I felt as though I was being taught in a foreign language. I scheduled my re-test earlier this week and I passed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It took me 22 years to feel confident enough to achieve this goal and I am forever grateful to you for offering this information online. You are heaven sent! Now I can apply for better paying jobs and attend college. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping others change their lives for the better!!


“Just thought I would drop a line and let you know what we think. My son just loves your class online. He is advanced in math and does well across the board with most math curricula. He was doing Bob Jones Math for school. He loved it but seemed to be wanting something different. We received an email from our homeschool group telling us about your site. He has loved doing your math class. The information is well presented and he follows along with ease. We both think this will be his math for the rest of his school years.

Algebra here we come!!!!”

-Tanya R. and Steven B., VA

“Well, I have to admit that I tried TabletClass out of desperation. I had spent so much time and money on other programs, none of which were good fits for my son. When I saw TabletClass on, I figured I didn't have anything to lose. Let me say that TabletClass was a Godsend! My 7th grade son loved the PreAlgebra course! He completed the course and for 8th grade was accepted into an accelerated math class at a university in our area. TabletClass helped him prepare for that. I'm so glad I found this product....

This year, it's my daughter's turn at TabletClass!”

To John Zimmerman, I want to personally thank you for your math courses. I’m 19 years old, didn’t think I could pass my GED but I passed! Your content was all I used to study, I found you on YouTube, enrolled and studied your course. Your purpose in this life is not only to spread your mathematical mastery, but to also help empower those who wish to pick themselves up so they can start living a better life. I am one of those people, now that I have my GED I can move on from this stalemate. Thanks again for offering a great course!


“We have jumped around with math curriculum since third grade, trying to find something that teaches my daughter in a way she can understand! This left a lot of gaps and she was really having a difficult time with upper grade math (she is just finishing up 8th grade.) I am not embarrassed to admit we needed help because I couldn't teach it to her since I had forgotten how to do it! TabletClass Math has been a life changer when it comes to math for us! We have found it so easy to learn and actually enjoyable to understand what we are doing. I say "we" because I am doing it with her! It's never too late to learn, right?”

-Carrie- founder of


“TabletClass Math was perfect for my daughter! We tried every math curriculum out there and even hired a private math teacher. But the frustration and tears continued. We signed on for TabletClass Math and re-did Algebra I (for the third time!) and then proceeded on to Geometry and Algebra II. No more frustration. She really enjoyed it! It is presented well and the amount of work to master the material is not so overwhelming that it’s discouraging and overkill. I’m happy to say my “math-phobic” daughter placed into college level pre-calculus this year and is now at the community college in the dual enrollment program. Both she and I are very thankful for TabletClass Math! Oh, and John is terrific to work with! He’s very accommodating to your needs and questions!”

-Susan M.

“Tablet Class is a great way to expand your knowledge in the field of mathematics. It brings the classroom right to your home through the simple use of a computer. The program is very organized and is designed to make your experience as comfortable as possible. I wish I had access to this program going through school when I first learned the numerous areas of math as it would have helped me in so many ways. Instead, I used TabletClass to help me study for my SAT's. I identified the weak areas which I needed help with and was able to study these specific topics because TabletClass breaks down the different subject areas into categories. My scores raised 70 points in the mathematics area of the SAT's thanks to this program. TabletClass is a great and convenient way to learn math.”

-David C., NJ

“You have a gift of teaching and I for one am very glad you have used your gift to make this math class available to people like me that use to detest math. I am learning so much along with my daughter now. I wish I would have known about this program when I was homeschooling my older son. It would have made it so much better on him too.”

-God bless, Fonda :)

“As a Homeschooling mom I have the pleasure of choosing curriculum that fits my child's learning style. When Saxon math wasn't "clicking" for my daughter I saw posted on our homeschool loop and gave it a try. It was a perfect fit, my daughter has flourished using! After one week using she said "oh mom this is great I LOVE it!!" Her comprehension in Algebra 2 has been excellent. Having access to our on line teacher Mr. Zimmerman is a big plus, you never get "stuck" because he is willing to help guide the student through any "hiccups" in the learning process. Now that she is in High School I am using the college SAT as her testing and I can't wait to see how much her score goes up in math! We are so glad we added to our curriculum!”

- V. Sherman, Clearwater FL

“We are enjoying TabletClass as a means for our homeschooling Alg. 1 class. I say we because, I'm also relearning algebra for myself along with my son. I have always loved math and this is great. I have even referred it to friends of mine that were going to spend $250.00 per month on taking their child to Sylvan Learning Center. I encouraged them to give you a try first, and their child went from almost failing, to an A on their report card. They have only been using Tablet Class for a little over a month. They love it and so does their son. I only wish that I would have had a program like this for my daughter that just graduated high school this past may. She really struggled and I think this would have really been great for her.

Thank you so very much for providing a wonderful program.”

-Devonda C., TN

Hi Mr. Zimmerman: Sir, I have a surprise for you, I just passed my MATH, GED, and rest of the subjects too. The last subject I took was the Math and yes, your website and your chapter by chapter, step by step instructions guided me to the glory of math success. I must say that your coaching and online tutorials are the BEST a student could ever find and many thanks to the greatest math wiz and the powerful mind and the kind heart whose act is so selfless that it helps thousands of students like us. You are my math HERO and will always be and I will highly recommend to website to many other students out there struggling to find directions and the only direction is Mr. Zimmerman’s golden math tutorials. Yay!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart again. :)
-Your Student and Fan, Waseem

“My ds is liking TabletClass Algebra. We started it as a supplement to Harold Jacobs Algebra, but now it's pretty much the other way around. The instructor goes thru how to do problems on a white board. Very clear explanations, the guy has a nice voice to listen to. You can download lessons onto iPod, etc, too, to watch away from the computer. You could try it as a supplement for a month, and see how he likes it.”

I just wanna say thank you so much, I’ve took your online lessons and I am proud to say I passed my math GED!! You motivated me after taking your lessons, studying, and of course praying every day, studying all day and everyday. I am so happy I found your website !!


Good day John,

Just want to break the fantastic news. I passed my Math exam with 152. I am so grateful for all your video’s and courses. Thank you for making it possible. Passed the Social Study with 151. I write the other two on the 15th. I will definitely recommend your books to everyone doing the GED diploma.

Have a great day!
Regards- Lizelle

I wanted to thank you, I don’t think I would have passed the test without your assistance!! Thank you so much for having this great lessons available online. They are such a great resource!! 😁 Janet


Thanks to your videos I passed my math GED about a month ago! Thank you so much! Now I am working on the other the 3.



I passed my test thanks so much – I passed with 176! Celina

I passed each subject . It wasn’t easy but worth it. Thank you for all of your support. Lexi

I passed thanks!!!!! Angel

I went to take the exam today and I passed. Thank you for your help. I will give you a very good reviews thank you so much for all your help! I have passed the GED. Edgar

HI I just want to thank you for all the time and effort you put into these lessons. I passed math test because of you and math books I that I studied! Ron

Good afternoon Mr. Zimmerman
Just a quick note to let you know than I passed my Math’s test for my GED last Thursday. I am concentrating on Science and Social studies right now. It has been helpful all the practice you sent me for the maths and I studied all of them.
Thanks again :)Steve

I just wanted to let you know that after taking your courses I passed the GED!!!! Thank you for the detail and time you put into your videos for people like me! I owe you big time for the lessons!

Kind Regards

I just wanted to take time to tell You how Thankful I am for your videos!!! Without them I don\’t think I would have passed. Thank you again! The way you teach Math is Amazing 😀 Donna

Hi! Mr. Zimmerman I just wanna say first and foremost thank you for putting together such a great tutorial program that helps to assist people like myself, I took my GED math test last night and guess what with your GED program I finally passed my test I received a phone call from the school telling me how I passed amen, thank God for your program thank you so much.


I passed the GED!! Thank! Kristopher

Hi John, I just wanted to say thank you for your course. I took the GED test today and passed, I would not have been to pass it without your class. Thank you very much! Mark